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Taito S1

Meet the Award Winning Taito S1 designed to be ridden thousands of kilometers for multiple years. Choose the colour that fits your lifestyle.

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Taito S1

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  • Bekroond - Micro Mobility EU
  • Veiligheid en Stabiliteit
  • Duurzaam - Gemaakt in EU
  • Slimme Smartphone App
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Award winning!

Innovative and good design is what drives us, and we are proud to announce that the new Taito S1 has been honored with the prestigious Micro Mobility Award as the best mobility product of 2023 by the world's top product designers.

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Belgisch Design

Gemaakt in Europa.

De Taito S1 wordt met trots vervaardigd in samenwerking met onze gewaardeerde Europese partners, waarbij we een onberispelijke kwaliteitscontrole garanderen en tegelijkertijd de lokale economie ondersteunen en onze ecologische voetafdruk minimaliseren. Ons engagement om een positieve impact op de samenleving te hebben, wordt geïllustreerd door onze samenwerking met een Belgisch maatwerkbedrijf, die het assemblageproces verzorgt. Samen streven we ernaar een product te creëren dat niet alleen uitstekende prestaties levert, maar ook een duurzame en maatschappelijk verantwoorde aanpak bevordert.

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Duurzaam Design

Levenslange Liefde.

Met de Taito S1 kies je voor duurzaam rijden. De robuuste bouw, het uitgebreide servicenetwerk en
de herstelbare onderdelen zorgen voor een product dat heel lang meegaat.

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B2B Stedelijke Oplossingen Versterken.

Ontdek hoe de baanbrekende oplossingen van TAITO Mobility de B2B-stedelijke mobiliteit transformeren. Werk met ons samen om het transport te revolutioneren met geavanceerde, duurzame en innovatieve mobiliteitsproducten voor uw zakelijke behoeften.

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A Royal Affair: King Filip of Belgium meets TAITO

A Royal Affair: King Filip of Belgium meets TAITO

Guess what? We had a regal encounter on the 6th of February that’s worth sharing with you all! King Filip of Belgium paid a visit to 'Durf Ondernemen,' the startup incubator from the University of Ghent, and we were in the royal mix! As Belgium gears up to celebrate its 200th birthday in 2030, King Filip is on a mission – a mission to secure the future for the spirited youth of Belgium and foster that entrepreneurial flame burning bright in them. So, why the royal pitstop at 'Durf Ondernemen'? Well, it turns out the King is keen on understanding how programs like these can be the magic potion for students, helping them turn those lightbulb moments into full-blown, thriving businesses. And guess what? TAITO Mobility was in the spotlight, chosen as one of the few startups to share our story with none other than King Filip himself! Picture this: TAITO Mobility, in the company of forward-thinkers and dreamers, showcasing our journey and the innovation engine that powers our electric scooters. It was an incredible moment for us to not only highlight the strides we've made but also to share our vision for the future of mobility. The King was genuinely intrigued, not just by our scooters, but by the essence of what we represent – the drive to innovate, the commitment to sustainability, and the belief in the power of youth-driven entrepreneurship. We discussed how programs like 'Durf Ondernemen' create a fertile ground for ideas to sprout, take root, and grow into businesses that not only contribute to the economy but also embody the spirit of innovation that Belgium is so proud of. It's not every day you get to chat about your startup dreams with a king, right? We feel honored and excited to be part of this journey towards shaping the entrepreneurial future of Belgium. TAITO Mobility is not just about scooters; it's about pioneering a movement, and having the King’s attention is a testament to the impact we aim to make. So, buckle up! The road ahead is filled with possibilities, and with the royal nod of approval, we're fueled up and ready to take on whatever comes our way.AVS news coverage:https://youtu.be/3EPzHxUuox0?feature=shared CREDITS:Foto: ‘Alpha Photography’ of ‘Alpha Station’Video: ‘Wide Marketing’
Pioneering Sustainable Partnerships with Voka Oost-Vlaanderen

Pioneering Sustainable Partnerships with Voka Oost-Vlaanderen

At TAITO Mobility, we believe that our journey toward a sustainable, eco-friendly future is built upon robust partnerships. We are thrilled to share the story of one such partnership that embodies our vision for a better tomorrow. Our journey brings us closer to organizations that share our passion for redefining urban mobility and leaving a lasting impact on our planet. Among these esteemed partners is VOKA, the Flemish network of enterprises. VOKA represents the largest and most dynamic entrepreneurs' network in Flanders, advocating for businesses at the highest echelons. In fact, VOKA's members collectively contribute a significant 65% of the added value in the Flanders region.   A Network of Opportunity  To be a part of VOKA means connecting to a vast network of over 18,000 members, all driven by ambitions of growth. VOKA, with its dedicated team of 350 professionals, organizes more than 1,000 networking events, activities, and training sessions annually. These activities serve as a powerful platform for entrepreneurs looking to expand their horizons.   As a TAITO Mobility partner, we understand the importance of aligning with organizations that stand for sustainable growth. Our partnership with VOKA represents not just a business connection but a commitment to nurturing a more sustainable and interconnected world.   Fostering Collective Growth VOKA's core belief in "Doing business together, growing together" resonates with our mission. We share the common goal of fostering collective growth, where enterprises collaborate to contribute positively to society. Together, we provide the ideal framework for businesses to thrive, underscoring that entrepreneurship benefits everyone.   A Vision of Sustainable Mobility TAITO Mobility is not just about creating mobility solutions; it's about envisioning a future where urban mobility is efficient, eco-friendly, and enjoyable. Our Taito S1 electric scooter is more than just a mode of transport; it symbolizes our commitment to sustainable urban living. VOKA recognizes the potential of our vision and the value of our Taito S1 scooter. It's a statement about sustainable urban living and innovation in the world of mobility. Our partnership is a testament to VOKA's belief in our products and the shared dedication to sustainable mobility.   A Brighter Tomorrow Together As we join hands with VOKA, we embrace a shared purpose: to build a better tomorrow for everyone. This partnership isn't just about business; it's about contributing to a more sustainable and interconnected world. Our collaboration will leverage TAITO Mobility's mobility expertise and VOKA's extensive network and insights into the business landscape. Together, we aim to drive change, inspire innovation, and set new standards in urban mobility. Watch this space for more updates on our partnership with VOKA and our journey toward a greener, more sustainable future. With TAITO Mobility and VOKA, we're opening the door to exciting possibilities, and we invite you to be a part of this journey.   TAITO Mobility is proud to partner with VOKA, and together, we are rewriting the future of urban mobility—one electric scooter ride at a time.
delaware's "Beat Your Car" Competition

delaware's "Beat Your Car" Competition

At delaware, a leading company committed to the electrification of their fleet, sustainability is held in high regard. Recently, the company organized an exciting competition called "Beat Your Car," encouraging employees to drive more economically than the standard consumption of their vehicles. The reward for the most environmentally-friendly drivers was nothing less than the impressive Taito S1, valued at €2590. This competition not only promoted greener driving practices but also marked a step toward a more sustainable future for delaware and the world.   delaware's Pursuit of Electrification One of the standout aspects of delaware is their dedication to the electrification of their fleet. Even before the "Beat Your Car" competition took place, the company had made significant strides toward a more sustainable future. With nearly half of their fleet consisting of electric vehicles, delaware showcases their commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and society. This initiative not only reflects their environmental consciousness but also demonstrates leadership in transitioning to cleaner energy sources. The "Beat Your Car" Competition The "Beat Your Car" competition was an exciting initiative that challenged delaware's employees to drive more economically than the standard consumption of their vehicles. Participants had to monitor their fuel consumption and driving behavior, aiming to use their cars in the most efficient way possible. The goal was clear: reducing the ecological footprint of the fleet and promoting conscientious driving among employees. Winners of the Taito S1 After weeks of competition and sustainable driving, there were ultimately some impressive performances. The employees who managed to drive their cars the most economically were rewarded with the Taito S1, an electric scooter valued at €2590. This prize was not just a recognition of their commitment to sustainability but also a way to encourage the winners to continue their green initiatives. Congrats to the two winners of the "Beat your car" competition.    A Message for the Future delaware's "Beat Your Car" competition not only reflects their pursuit of a more sustainable future but also emphasizes the importance of conscientious driving behavior and the role individuals can play in reducing their ecological footprint. This initiative serves as an inspiration for other companies to organize similar competitions and encourage employees to drive more environmentally-friendly. If we all do our part, we can collectively build a greener and more sustainable world. delaware is a shining example of how companies can contribute to this goal, and with their efforts in electrification and conscientious driving, they demonstrate their readiness to embrace the future with open arms. Let's hope that more companies will follow in their footsteps, and initiatives like "Beat Your Car" become the norm, rather than the exception, in the business world. Together, we can build a more sustainable future, one step and one mile at a time.
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