A Royal Affair: King Filip of Belgium meets TAITO

A Royal Affair: King Filip of Belgium meets TAITO

- Taito Mobility
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Guess what? We had a regal encounter on the 6th of February that’s worth sharing with you all! King Filip of Belgium paid a visit to 'Durf Ondernemen,' the startup incubator from the University of Ghent, and we were in the royal mix!

As Belgium gears up to celebrate its 200th birthday in 2030, King Filip is on a mission – a mission to secure the future for the spirited youth of Belgium and foster that entrepreneurial flame burning bright in them.

So, why the royal pitstop at 'Durf Ondernemen'? Well, it turns out the King is keen on understanding how programs like these can be the magic potion for students, helping them turn those lightbulb moments into full-blown, thriving businesses. And guess what? TAITO Mobility was in the spotlight, chosen as one of the few startups to share our story with none other than King Filip himself!

Picture this: TAITO Mobility, in the company of forward-thinkers and dreamers, showcasing our journey and the innovation engine that powers our electric scooters. It was an incredible moment for us to not only highlight the strides we've made but also to share our vision for the future of mobility.

The King was genuinely intrigued, not just by our scooters, but by the essence of what we represent – the drive to innovate, the commitment to sustainability, and the belief in the power of youth-driven entrepreneurship.

We discussed how programs like 'Durf Ondernemen' create a fertile ground for ideas to sprout, take root, and grow into businesses that not only contribute to the economy but also embody the spirit of innovation that Belgium is so proud of.

It's not every day you get to chat about your startup dreams with a king, right? We feel honored and excited to be part of this journey towards shaping the entrepreneurial future of Belgium. TAITO Mobility is not just about scooters; it's about pioneering a movement, and having the King’s attention is a testament to the impact we aim to make.

So, buckle up! The road ahead is filled with possibilities, and with the royal nod of approval, we're fueled up and ready to take on whatever comes our way.

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